8 Reasons why working as a Hostess, Promoter or Brand Ambassador is perfect for Students

8 Reasons why working as a Hostess or Promoter is perfect for Students

Promotion work has its pros and cons. Payments are good, flexible hours and it does not require much work experience, that is just a few of the reasons why being a hostess, promoter or brand ambassador fits perfectly when you are a student. This is usually a part-time job that allows you to keep up with your studies. Here are 7 of the reasons that make promotional work perfect for students.

Working as a hostess, promoter, brand ambassador while studying:

  1. Learning: As a student, you will always be learning, surprisingly enough you can also learn while working as a hostess or brand ambassador, especially when it comes to values. You will learn about responsibility, proactivity, initiative, communicative, negotiation and business skills, dealing with people and orientation to the achievement of results.
  2. Treatment with customers: While doing promotional work you will meet all kinds of people, this is important when you’re a student because it helps you make contacts that you might need in the future, and if you show your professionalism you might even receive business or job offers for when you are done when your studies and can afford a full-time job.
  3. Showing your other skills: Several hostesses, promoter, brand ambassadors have had to add their additional skills to their job, some have had the chance to sing, draw, and even cook while being in an event. This will also be beneficial for establishing connections with other people who share the interests and maybe make some friends.
  4. Seeing new places: When you are the young one and studying, one of the things you long for the most is traveling and/or visiting new places. While working as a hostess or brand ambassador depending on the client, you might be offered the opportunity to travel or simply go to other towns, or cities to do your work.
  5. Improve your image: For this type of work, most of the time you will have to be wearing high heels, beautiful uniforms, and outfits, and always have a lovely makeup and hairdo. Also, it requires for you to have a nice figure, so you might feel more motivated to workout and eat healthy, something that will help your brain be in better shape for your studies.
  6. Break down prejudice: There is a prejudice about hostesses and brand ambassadors; people often think they are stupid, loose or that this job is the only thing they can do. By being a good student you can show people that in reality you can be smart and pretty, just be a full package.
  7. Great payments: The promotion industry usually works with a company that subcontracts a promoter’s agency to offer their products. This is why the salaries are always guaranteed and good. Some agencies even offer commissions for the best hostess/ promoter/ brand ambassadors at an event or job, perfect for helping you pay for all the expenses derived from your studies!
  8. Future opportunities: When you are doing promoting work, you can work form clients in several different niches. If by any chance you are lucky to find a job which involves the industry where you want to work after you have graduated, you could make great contacts and maybe even receive information which will help you connect with your possible future employer.

Apart from these 8 reasons, being a hostess or brand ambassador is a good option when you are not able to work every day or if you live away from home and decide you can work on holidays, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. The best part is that these dates your payment will be higher than usual.

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