7 Important Tips each Promoter, Hostess or Brand Ambassador should follow

We understand that brand ambassadors work with the sale of products through demonstrations they make, and with the promotion of brands directly to potential customers. As they demonstrate these articles and/ or inform customers about the brand they represent in the event they are working, they should be able to stimulate the potential clients’ interest and make them feel welcomed.

Tips to help you become a great brand ambassador:

  1. PROFESSIONALISM: The first tip is regarding your attitude. Representing a company at an event, exhibition or promotional campaign is a big responsibility. If you are a hostess, promoter or a brand ambassador at an event, you are much more than just the face of their brand – you are the brand itself. Make sure you that you treat potential clients with respect, show confidence, don’t push clients into making a decision but rather be patient and show courtesy, always gracefully leading customers into choosing the brand you represent. Most importantly, make sure that you are following your employer’s guidelines; after all, they are the ones who are giving you the work opportunity.
  2. PUNCTUALITY: This goes hand in hand with professionalism. Punctuality shows respect for your employer and your potential clients. Manage your time wisely so you are always on time for the events, it is particularly recommendable to arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead in case there is an emergency or you need to provide unexpected help to fix a sudden problem. Arriving before time helps you with the administration of the tasks you must do, checking the guest’s list (if you are the person in charge) and making sure your outfit, hair, and makeup are on point before starting your work.
  3. IMAGE: The first impression is what counts. Therefore, going well uninformed and looking impeccable is a great step to capture the attention of potential clients and guests at the event. Dressing for the occasion is important. However, if you are hosting an event and you’re not wearing a uniform, make sure that your outfit looks professional and represents the brand you’re working for. Remember, less is always more, so keep your hair and makeup toned down; it makes you look more professional.
  4. KNOWLEDGE: Advise clients about how the products or services you offer can meet their needs and wants, and how to use them appropriately so that they have an optimal experience with them. Always give feedback to the company informing the appropriate channels about your activity. Contribute to problem-solving, you will show how helpful you can be for the company employing you. Know the product well, you must know all the details of what we are going to promote and be prepared to answer any questions the potential clients may have.
  5. DISCRETION: It is paramount that you stay away from your phone as much as possible since it will come across as disrespectful that you are standing somewhere answering to texts instead of hosting/promoting at the event. This is also applicable for chatting with other colleagues, try to avoid it until a certain point, so it doesn’t distract you from your work.
  6. MOTIVATION: Even if a potential client dismisses your attention or rejects your proposal, always stay focused and engaged in your work. Never look sad or disappointed, keep showing your smile and maintain your energy high regardless of what happens. If an issue occurs during the promoting event, stay calm and focused, you are there to help and guide people, so stay professional at all times, this attitude will most likely guarantee that you continue being hired for future jobs.
  7. SELF-CONFIDENCE: If you have the other 4 tips, this one will come out naturally. A good brand ambassador is confident enough to establish a connection between the client and the company, is capable of being the link between the customer and the company. Your confidence is shown when you properly communicate to customers the information that the company prepared for them about the products and/ or services they commercialize, you have no shyness, you always show a smile, and especially you are honest and expose the information in a short space of time.

Available Jobs as a Brand Ambassador

  • Trade Fair Host & Hostesses
  • Event Promoter
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Show Cook
  • Make-Up Artist & Hair Dresser
  • Receptionist
  • Photographer
  • Catering & Service Staff
  • Sales Assistant
  • Models
  • Mascot/li>
  • Moderator
  • Exhibition Stand Builder Assistant
  • Helping Hand | Runner
  • Call Center Agent
  • Accreditation
  • Barkeeper | Bartender | Barista
  • Actor | Actress
  • Photo Models | Cat Walk Models
  • Various Artists, Arious Artists, Such as Belly Dancer, DJ, Musicians


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