The Dos and Don´ts of Sedcard Pictures

The Dos and Don´ts of Sedcard Pictures

Whether you are a promoter or a hostess, if you are creating a Sedcard to bring to an agency or client in order to apply for a job, the preparation of your Sedcard is important. Not only the design should be carefully planned, and the information should be clear and true, but the photos must be of good quality, to display all of your physical attributes as well as your versatility.

Aspects to consider for Sedcard pictures

  • Use professional pictures. Do not use selfies or any Instagram filter, they are cute for social media, but when presenting a Sedcard you must consider that this is a professional presentation card of your work to the client, therefore, you will need to invest time and money to achieve good photographs for it.
  • The first picture should be a profile photo. Consult with the photographer beforehand to choose a good angle for a headshot, preferably with a white background so it doesn’t distract from appreciating your features. Profile pictures are particularly important in a Sedcard, and a clean and natural appearance must be shown, do not wear excessive makeup, but go soft on it, from very little to none at all.
  • The second picture is done half body. Again, choose a sober background and outfit. If you’re aiming for a specific client who needs to see you in a bathing suit, you can include a photograph but if not, then do not show yourself with little clothes, but rather in one of your regular working outfits, and make sure that your measurements are shown there.
  • The third picture is a full body picture. This is probably the image that will determine whether you will get the certain type of contracts in the future or not. Lots of clients need a specific body image and/or body type, and this photo will make them determine if you have what they’re looking for. Do not wear baggy clothes; they will need to see you in a rather tight outfit to be able to appreciate your complexion.
  • Lastly, If you have space for more pictures, choose photos of your work. Do not include photographs of parties, but instead, choose photographs of events you have hosted or been a promoter in, make sure that you look professional in them, and where the client can clearly see you are working and not attending to it.

If you are going to include other photos, you can choose one model photograph, where you can use makeup, a good hairstyle and a nice outfit that really reflects your personality. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the end, even though they will most likely request an interview with you, your Sedcard will give them the first impression of who you are and how versatile your work is, so they can determine for what purposes to hire you.

Once you have followed all the “dos” and “donts” for the pictures on your Sedcard, you will give a broad vision of who you are and what you can offer as a hostess or promoter.