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We are constantly working on creating the best user experience with all needed features to make it as easy as possible to find the best event staff or event job. Be curious about new upcoming features or discover our existing features down below.

In case we missed any important feature or you are having any wishes, feel free to leave us a message.

We are always happy to get some feedback: admin@professionate.com

September 2017

New Job Tasks

We have added some new job tasks, such as translator and painte

June 2017

Application Message

While applying, promoter are now able to leave a short message to the companies why they are the best fit for this vacancy. This message can be seen from the companies in the applicants overview.

E-Mail Notification of Applicants

Companies are now able to choose in their general settings if they what to get notified after each applicant or if they want to receive a summary once a day.

Video Upload

Promoter are now able to upload a short introduction video on their sedcard.

New Job Tasks

We have added some new job tasks, such as actor/ actress, musican, photographer, singer, make-up artist and hair dresser.

Sedcard Views

Promoter are now able to see how many times a company for which they applied have viewed their profile.

Contact Detail Status

Promoter are now able to see if a company has unlocked their contact details already.

Mai 2017

Revoke An Application

Promoters are now able to revoke their application again, in case their are not available anymore. This will also be shown in the applicants preview of the company who posted the job vacancy.

Premature Deactivation Of A Job Post

Companies are now able to deactivate the job post before the expiration date. Companies will still be able to review the applicants, but won´t receive new applications.

Shortlisting and Rejection

For a better overview of all received applications: from now on companies will be able to reject and shortlist applicant profiles.