How to Create a Successful Sedcard

How to Create a Successful Sedcard

How to create a successful Sedcard

A Sedcard is your entrance ticket to new jobs. It is a card composed of a selection of the best photos, personal information, physical features and body measurements of a model, promoter or hostess. It can be a page or two and it is used by them as a promotional tool to present when applying for a job.

Why Promoter, Hostesses, and Models need a Sedcard

The Sedcard usually includes different photographs -typically it contains a minimum of two images- the cover page with a full-size portrait and the second page with a wide selection of representative photos along with the promoter or hostess information, explained below.

This information will help the promoter or hostess give the client and/or agency interested a broader impression of them. It is good to usually emphasize specific features if the agency, company or casting director is looking for a particular theme.

What You Need to Create a Sedcard

xStart by locating the best photographs of the previous events you have worked on. Choose various themes and the most important events, to show versatility and ability to work in different environments and adaptability.

Specific and precise personal data must be included. You must never forget to put on your Sedcard the following information:

  • Age or date of birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Measurements (bust, waist, hips) this one is paramount for the elaboration of uniforms and wardrobe.
  • Shoe number
  • Eye and hair color. Some campaigns require information as if your hair color is natural or dyed (example: for promoting hair products)
  • Please, make sure to also specify if you speak more than one language and the level of proficiency you have with each one, this will open many doors.
  • Skills and abilities. Examples of this could be: speaking other languages, work under pressure, leadership and teamwork (not skills as in rolling your tongue or doing a cartwheel)
  • Specify if you can drive and have a license, some companies might require you to drive around the city one of their cars as a strategy of promotion or just to carry the equipment from one store to another.

The presentation of the background experience is major. Include the previous events you have hosted or the different products you have promoted. Always specify the names of the companies who hired you, in case any verification of the information is needed.

Do not be afraid to include academic information on your Sedcard, being a promoter or a hostess is not just about having a pretty face, include your level of studies, additional courses, if you have taken etiquette and protocol classes, modeling lessons, anything that enriches your profile and that is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Remember that potential employers pay depending on how versatile you are and for what purposes they can book you, or you’re working profitably. If you feel that your face is your strongest feature show photos from different angles of your face and different expressions from various positions and perspectives. Profile photos and shots from the front are particularly important in this case, however, you should always be able to showcase your full body features.

When you are a registered member of, you do not have to care about all these things, simply enter all details in your profile and save it. Our system will put them automatically in a nice PDF Sedcard, you can download it and send it to any agency or just apply to any available jobs on our website, your Sedcard will be transmitted automatically.

To leave a great first impression and increasing the chance to get the job, it is imperative to fill in as much detail as possible.