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How to Become a Promo Girl

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How to become a Promo girl or Promo boy

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Tips on How to Become a Promo girl or Promo boy

First, you should now this is a form of marketing that costs as much as a traditional advertising media, and you touch fewer consumers. But by having contact with the consumer you are privileged to affect directly his or her perception of the brand, product or service you are selling. These days this job has become one of the top popular jobs among many girls; that´s why more and more are growing interest for the business.

Have You Been Wondering How To Become A Promo girl or Promo boy?

As public “ brand ambassador” of a brand or a product there are a lot of things to look after and details you need to watch, so here are some of the most important tips you must remember on how to become a promo girl or promo boy.

  1. Create your image by taking good pictures of you. Choose the right clothes with solid colors and perfect fit, not too tight or too baggy; and avoid using jewelry. There should be enough variety of pictures from headshots to full body shots.
  2. Work on your resume. It´s ok if you don´t have experience at first, you will get it with time. Have a “cover letter” along with your resume with the details on “why you are easy and perfect to work with” or “things that should remain professional”.
  3. Find the work, it´s a mistake to sit and wait to be discovered. You could try to reach out and find the gigs yourself. But sometimes work gets easier if you register with a marketing agency in your area; just look online.
  4. Keeping your phone on and checking your emails frequently will assure you are available to work. The promo job moves real fast, so you need to be accessible at all times to become a promo girl.
  5. Never apply for an event if you are not available to work it. Otherwise, you would be wasting your time and the event staffing company; and it will also work against you for future events.
  6. The job starts before the venue. This means you should be well informed on what you are selling, prices, specifications, big and small details in order to be professional and achieve the brands´ goals.
  7. Education first. Be on time, ready, in your uniform (if required). Be polite and not just smile and look pretty, enjoy and make others feel well attended.

How To Become A Promo girl or Promo boy

How to become a promo girl or promo boy could be something you´ve been wondering for a while. First you have to understand that a promo girl is some kind of model hired specifically to drive consumer demand for a service, product, event, or brand by the direct interaction with customers. Yes, it is true that one of the things you need is to be conventionally attractive on your physical appearance. But there is a lot more there needed and expected from you than just looking good.

Tips on How to Become a Promo girl or Promo boy

First, you should now this is a form of marketing that costs as much as a traditional advertising media, and you touch fewer consumers. But by having contact with the consumer you are privileged to affect directly his or her perception of the brand, product or service you are selling. These days this job has become one of the top popular jobs among many girls; that´s why more and more are growing interest for the business.

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How to Become a Promo Girl

How to get Jobs as a Promo girl, Promo boy?

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  • Browse through all temporary job vacancies within your region.
  • Click on our ´Apply´- Button and leave a short message why you are the best for this job.
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How to Become a Promo Girl

What Kind of Temporary Promo Staff are Companies Seeking For?

Agencies and Companies regularly are in search of certain skills in candidates who want to opt for a job that sets them apart from the rest, such as:

  • mastery of new promotion ideas
  • ability to work as a team
  • flexibility
  • entrepreneurial and creative attitude
  • language knowledge
  • ability to work under pressure
  • great sense for costumer service
  • and last but not least: the appearance is important as well

High Flexibility For Both: Job Seekers & Head Hunters

For certain workers and at certain times, getting a temporary job through our platform offers flexibility and timeliness. If you want to combine work with studies and not dedicate a full day to it or other work in a timely manner, our service can serve to improve your income.

Flexibility for both workers and employers is a key feature of working through our company. The company publishes its event job offers and the specific profile of the professional they want it to occupy, and you can constantly check and be updated about these offers. We will also give you suggestions and alerts according to your profile that fit the position you demand in an objective manner.

Companies and event staffing agencies often have temporary job vacancies when staff is required to be replaced for reasons of attending an exhibition, planning an event or congress, but also because of vacation, license use, and disability due to illness or maternity. Also to attend increases in production, transportation, sales of products or merchandise, seasonal periods of harvests or the simple provision of services.

You will be a potential candidate that will open up a wide range of opportunities in the labor market since through us you will be in contact with the employer company to facilitate an interview if the professional profile fits the job offer. We act as an intermediary to help you find a job.

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