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Costs & Benefits

Professionate’s mission is to make the booking of event and trade show staff so enjoyable and easy for everyone involved.

With the help of the latest technologies, we have optimized the entire booking process.



 – No unnecessary and time-consuming efforts
– The selection and booking of our event staff is possible online around the clock
– Using search masks, you can easily compare staff and select the best person
– See how customers rated each hostess before
– You can see in real time when someone is applying.
– You can communicate directly with your selected staff (with single or all booked hostesses)


Thanks to our great mechanisms and technologies, only booking for companies and hostesses is pleasant and transparent, but also associated with


– Significant time savings
– Favorable placement costs


Due to great partnerships, we are also able to offer experienced event personnel in 50+ countries!

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Cost Calculation

Our Hostesses set their hourly wages themselves. In addition, we charge a low commission of 46% for our service and management. Much lower than other agencies.

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