Becoming a Promoter or a Hostess?

Becoming a Promoter or a Hostess?

The promotion is a strategy of a market, a method that gets higher day by day. As a viable way of positioning brands, the provision of services by the agencies of promoters or hostesses occupies a niche, at this point, paramount in the market.

Have you ever asked yourself if you want to become a promoter or hostess?

Let us give you a short overview:

Skills and Role

Many boy and girls “aspire” to be promoters, but sometimes, not all the time, the work of a hostess is much more profitable than that of promoter because of the continuity of work and the available budgets that companies have for these purposes.
Generally, it is not possible to identify who is who, who are models, who are hostesses, who are promoters, and who are all the previous ones, so let’s analyze a little.

What is the difference between being a hostess or a promoter?

As its name says a hostess or host is a person who welcomes the guests and ensures that they have a pleasant experience wherever they are. They are floor assistants in charge of facilitating the treatment and interaction with the guests to an event.

Promoters, on the other hand, are the ones who have direct representation of a brand (they literally dress and take the name of the brand as if they were themselves) and interact with potential consumers directly. Their job is to “Promote” the product or “Boost” the sales of the product by generally using a “script” drawn up by the contracting agency.
They both represent a brand but their tasks in an event can be totally opposite. It happens very often the error of hiring a promoter to do a hostess job. This mistake can be made by the own organizer who does not clearly define the tasks that must be fulfilled by the contractor in the event.

Here is where problems begin to happen since the work experience can be negative as expectations were completely different, while on the organizer’s side they will feel like perhaps the contractor has not fulfilled its functions correctly and can qualify it in a negative way. So be pliant.

Where do Hostesses and Promoters work?

Promoters and hostesses are requested in all commercial areas. Marketing and competition are nowadays very strong, therefore each production team of a certain brand or company must do what is necessary to enhance it and excel in a wide range.
The breadth of the offer and the arrival of new companies have made this work take strength and constitute as an entry for all those young professionals who with a little free time want to work and earn money.
Certain companies or brands carry out events or are in them, such as trade fairs or conferences. For this reason, they contact agencies or producers, because these function as a nexus being the ones in charge of facilitating the necessary promoters and/or hostesses.

Aesthetic + Personality

If there is something that both a promoter and a hostess have in common is their general features. They have left behind that image of a mannequin placed next to a product. Aesthetic beauty is no longer enough, if not accompanied by a personality that agrees with it. Both promoters and hostesses have to be presentable, but personality is also super important, they must know how to talk, and how to work with the people. The public is usually complicated and does not like to interact.
The important thing is to be a great mix of beauty, intelligence, proactivity, and having a great hand for people. The promoter or hostess must sell aesthetics and image accompanied by the capacity that the person has, in terms of being a good salesperson who handles well with products and people.

Undoubtedly, there are certain aesthetic requirements to meet in every agency. The height should preferably be above 1.65mt or sometimes, even more, be small to medium size – for a matter of uniforms – and be harmonious in face and body.

Profiles of Promoter and Hostesses

Promoters and Hostesses are cataloged according to a profile which will determine the type of work they will perform.

  • High level: speaks more than one language fluent, is taller than 1.65mt and oriented to political events. The job is to host and lead a relationship and conversation with the participants of the event.
  • Type A: works for different events such as press conferences, sporting events or teams, everything depends on what the client asks.
  • Type B: a girl in a fixed point at supermarkets, malls, and performs the job of a salesperson.
  • Type C: all those who distribute flyers, brochures or do door-to-door sales.
  • That’s why it is so important to complete your SedCard. Fill in your linguistic proficiencies, your graduation, your preferences and references and one of the most important: Upload some pictures.
  • Show the agencies and companies your value and get more and better-paid jobs.