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Melanie Buchholz – Founder

Our vision is to create the largest event database of professional hostesses and promoter for trade shows, congresses, AGMs, and other events without compromising on the quality.

Unlike common event agencies, we want to simplify the booking process for all involved parties. We eliminate time-consuming and unnecessary efforts, such as preparing offers, always creating new hostess presentations, manually managing hostesses, and direct customer acquisition.

This benefits our customers directly, by offering a very low commission: We only charge a surcharge factor of 1.46 in addition to the hostess wage. In our straightforward and transparent cost calculation, the price structure is easily understandable.

Thanks to our system we are also able to help our clients with even the smallest projects. Which many other event hostess agencies do not accept.

Professionates online platform offers a significantly simpler and faster booking process for both organizers and hostesses. On their profile, hostesses indicate what experience they have, and what kind of offers especially interest them and how much they generally charge. Organizers can easily filter these details and thus find suitable candidates quickly, make an offer, and book them with just a few clicks.

We are currently working non-stop on adding even more benefits, such as in-app chats, custom reporting, calendar integration, expense reporting and much more.


Our goal is to create the largest database of qualified event personel. Thus, we need a lot of helping hands. Everyone targeting other regions in the world. We are currently working on pictures of our employees and fixed freelancers.