9 Tips for Becoming a Great Hostess

9 Tips for Becoming a Great Hostess

Marketing, BTL, and promotion strategies are the fields where the hostesses exercise their field of action because the activities generated in these events allow attracting new customers, loyalty from existing ones and increasing brand awareness.

Learn 9 Tips for Becoming a Great Hostess

As a hostess, you will be in charge of receiving in a pleasant way your guests, in addition, you will support them during the development of the event by providing information about it. This will make the stay of attendees more pleasant and you can give them attention and help them solve all the questions that are generated in the event.

The following tips will help you become a great hostess in the upcoming events or trade shows to have to work on:

  1. Attract the attention of the public with excellent customer service and quality of service. Interact with the attendants, be proactive, create and manage databases (have a list of guests to facilitate the registration of attendees to the event), have ease of speech, and also have knowledge of the company or the product you are promoting.
  2. Keep the brand alive and keep the clients loyal. Communicate adequately to potential customers the information that the company prepared for them about the products and/or services they commercialize, such as promotional messages, slogans, technical information, etc. Dedicate yourself to public relations, make sure to support and be a person who likes to be with people.
  3. Increase the company’s sales. A good hostess is able to promote the purchase at the decisive moment by going further to get that sale without allowing the attitude of the prospective buyer to lower their morale.
  4. In terms of their work, the major hostesses have a common characteristic: a good attitude. First of all, a hostess should like the challenges and challenge themselves to help the company’s image to improve. If the hostess’ job was not a challenge in itself, it would not be fun.
  5. Understand who the customers are. A good hostess has empathy for the client and analyzes from the client’s point of view, which means, she cares about the customer’s satisfaction. Ensure that clients are advised about how the products or services the client offers in the event can meet their needs and wants; and how to use them properly so that they have an optimal experience with them.
  6. Learning to listen to the needs and motivations of the audience. Establish a connection between the client and the company. This means that as a hostess you must become the link between the client and the company you represent and vice versa.
  7. Follow the program of the event. Organization, responsibility, creativity, and proactivity are needed features to help with the coordination of the event. Respect the times where your presence and attention is needed. It may be just at the beginning of the event, but sometimes it is throughout the whole day.
  8. Show good ability to express yourself. In order to involve and communicate something important to attendants, you must have a good vocabulary, diction, and mastery of the topic.
  9. Appearance isn’t everything, but it does matter. Even when dealing with a stressful situation you must smile and be courteous and kind to the attendees at an event, your clothes must always be on point, clean, well-ironed. Have a nice make-up and hairdo, according to the theme and the event you’re hosting, so you don’t look out of place. Follow these tips and be assured you will get booked again!